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Freelancer’s January To Do List

We’ve made it to 2018 and another busy year as a Freelancer is lurking so we’ve put together a few helpful tips on what can be done in January to hit the ground running to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Whilst some tend to approach the New Year with bright eyes, a plan of action and a bucketful of optimism others may use this time to polish up on their avoidance techniques in December.

With only you to report to and no designated breaks or holiday schedules, it can be very easy for important work to pile up at the end of the year.

It is important as a Freelancer to remember that balance is everything in order to succeed in your chosen field. If you do one productive thing this Christmas, aside from stuffing the turkey, then dedicating one day of your Christmas break to prepare for the New Year ahead will allow you to enjoy your future holidays with significantly less stress.

Your records and the Tax Return

Tax preparation is a very important element of running a business and tends to be a very time-consuming area which shouldn’t be neglected. Get in touch with your accountant to talk about your Self-Assessment Tax Return as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave this to the last minute in case there are queries to sort out before the deadline of 31 January (for online returns).

A simple spreadsheet containing a full list of your expenses will help your cause greatly and it is also important to keep track of those receipts, opting for electronic copies is the best way to manage this and these will be easy to file and quick to access when needed.

Assess your current client list

Since you’re looking forward to a new year it’s a perfect opportunity to evaluate each of your clients. How have you been taking care of them this year? Do you expect to be working with them in the New Year or could you be doing more?

Seize the opportunity and reach out to your clients, remind them of previous projects you have once spoken about, let them know your availability and upcoming schedule.

Communication is very important and by doing this really helps to show the effort you are making in order to maintain these relationships for your business, as well as hoping to create some solid leads going into the New Year.

Set yourself New Year goals

Growth and development are the biggest motivating factors for an individual especially when it comes to being a Freelancer. Your reflection of the last year will enable you to set future goals for your business, whether these are financial or personal. By doing this it will encourage your growth and create direction within in your business, which will in turn help to advance the quality of your services.

Social Media Maintenance

Revamping your LinkedIn or Twitter page is a good way of keeping in contact with your clients. Updating the various changes in your business throughout the year will help to market yourself and to promote future business on a much bigger spectrum. Photograph your work; update your status or simply changing your profile picture are all ways of endorsing yourself as a freelancer.

Clean out your inbox

You’re not alone or the only one guilty of letting their inbox get a little bit out of control, especially during the month of December. A full inbox might seem a little irritating but it can severely affect your productivity and efficiency at work so there is nothing more liberating than having a full inbox clean up!

One last thought

Even if you can only manage to tackle just one of the above tasks, you are still going into the New Year with and a clear mindset for your business … or at least a clear inbox! Tackling some of the above factors will not only help to ease you into the New Year stress-free.

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