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Contractor’s Guide – Benefit In Kind

What benefits can a company provide its employees? Let’s summarise the facts in a short and easy to understand guide. We will also cover the tax implications of receiving a benefit in kind.

company benefits guide

What is a benefit in kind?

Simply put, if you receive any benefit from your limited company above and beyond your salary or dividends, then we are talking about benefit in kind.

Some benefits will be taxed and some not, and therefore it can be a little confusing. We recommend that you speak to your accountant before committing to anything.

Taxed or tax-free

Taxable benefits are the ones provided for your own use and therefore not wholly, exclusively and necessarily for business use. They are taxed in order to prevent companies from providing them in place of regular remuneration; they are to be considered cash equivalent contributions to your income.

Examples of taxable benefits:

  • Private health insurance
  • Company car
  • Equipment available for personal use
  • A loan from your employer (Over £10,000)
  • Living accommodation

There are several tax-free benefits available from your company, so be sure that you discuss what is available for you with your accountant.

Examples of tax-free benefits:

  • A mobile phone (company contract)
  • Meals and soft drinks
  • Childcare support (childcare vouchers)
  • Loans up to £10,000
  • Work-related training

How do they affect your tax bill?

After each tax year, your employer (in this case your limited company) must report all benefit in kind to HMRC via the P11D form. HMRC then adjusts your tax code so that you pay the appropriate tax amount through your salary. At MyAccountant, preparing the form is part of our standard services.

If your salary is below the personal tax allowance, you pay the tax through your self-assessment tax return for the tax year.

In addition to the above, the company also pays National Insurance at a rate of 13.8% of the taxable benefit in kind.

What to do next?

The benefits listed above are only a few of the many available. If you’d like to explore your options or want to know more about benefits your company can provide please get in touch with your accounts manager.

If you are not yet a MyAccountant client, e-mail or call 0800 917 9100.