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15 Tax Saving Tips for Contractors Operating Through a Limited Company

Chances are that you will be aware of the benefits of operating through a limited company, so in this article, we are focusing on tax savings in a bit more detail. We listed 15 helpful tips most of which will be applicable to you, some of them will be best discussed with your accountant.

Freelancer’s January To Do List

We’ve made it to 2018 and another busy year as a Freelancer is lurking so we’ve put together a few helpful tips on what can be done in January to hit the ground running to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Tax Avoidance Schemes and What to Look For

It seems like every other month we encounter some celebrity or sports star who has fallen foul to an elaborate tax arrangement.  In our latest blog, we’ll delve into some of these schemes and the common tricks that the scheme promoters use. If it’s too good to be true…  

How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

You have finally done it; you are your own boss. There is no doubt that after all your hard work you will want to reward yourself for all your efforts, but how much should you pay yourself? Set your salary too little you may find yourself struggling, too high and you may harm the companies revenue stream; so how do you get the right balance?