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IR35 – Seven Reasons Why a Limited Company is Still a Better Option for Contractors

Since the spring budget, the government has shifted the responsibility of determining the IR35 status of a contract to public bodies. This has, of course, affected the majority of contractors working for public sector organisations. Many who have found themselves caught by the rules are asking if the Limited company trading vehicle is still a feasible option for them.

Workplace Pensions

You will no doubt be aware of the increasing focus in recent years on the need to ensure that the population as a whole, is making more effort to save for their retirement.  One such move has been the introduction of Auto Enrolment (AE), whereby every employer in the UK must put certain staff into a pension scheme and contribute towards it.  As an employee, your choice is a simple decision of opting in or out of your employers’ scheme.

Freelancing: A career option for ambitious students

Self-employment and independent work are proving more appealing than ever, with official data showing that the number of people choosing to become their own boss has risen significantly in recent years.